Master Key Experience Week 17 HJ: Double-Checking the Hero’s Journey Recipe

You are so right

NC Shirley

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Last week was Week 17 in the Master Key Experience. This week, interestingly, is being called Week 17 HJ. That’s because four months in we’re taking a bit of extra time to make sure we each have all we need for the challenges that are ahead in the Hero’s Journey. I’m double-checking the helmet of my thinking, assessing how much “cement”/false-thinking from my past I still need to chip off to lighten the load. I’m checking the protective armor of the interlocking habits I’ve woven and re-weaving over the weak spots. I’m making sure I’ll have enough of the the purest water of positive thinking along. I’m taking time to check over each recipe and choose the right ingredients to take along for the soul nourishment crucial to my sacred quest. I’m checking with my Guides and others on their own Hero’s Journey for tips…

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Master Key Experience Week 17

Anne has a new vibe!


Ten Steps to Protect Your Vibe!

Last week I wrote: My time at home will flow with a love as I concentrate on the love of self, family and friends. No; I shall not forget myself as love for self will shine a light for others! And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will I, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult! …… I am nature’s greatest miracle!

Writing this started the work – the first week is a week of taking a real close look at “My” vision of “Me”! In the 17 weeks of the MKE I have seen some changes. I am honestly believing in “self”, in my power, my honesty, my faith, my kindness, and my ability to love myself as much as I love others.

I am seeing myself wanting more – I am seeing a woman of…

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Week 1​ of my Master Key Experience

Excellent observation

Derwyn Browne

This was indeed a week of adventure where I began to witness a change in my mindset, as I embarked on this journey of taking the Master Key Course. Reading The Greatest Salesman 3 times a day was a turning point for me, It was nothing short of challenging. I am blessed to say that I was successful in reading the book 3 times daily, except for one day, where I read it twice.  This exercise really opened up my awareness as to how one can create a new habit.  It is enlightening to read this positive material.  I could not help but notice that I am smiling more and have a heightened sense of awareness of my thought patterns.  There is a shift in my energy, and this is truly a pleasant experience.  Like an onion with many layers, I feel like I am peeling away the layers to get to the very essence of who I…

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Master Key Experience – Week 17hj

Great read

Old is the New Young

Well, what a surprise to find that instead of Week 18, this is Week 17hj!   Awesome plan to go back and review.  I have read Master Key weeks 9, 10, and 1 so far this week, and loved it.  It truly does mean more now.  I can see myself, at the end of this, re-reading everything on a consistent basis and learning more and more.

Things are going well, I’ve released 9 pounds of holiday weight, and the new fence is almost finished.  I am now coaching 18 people on their own healthy weight loss journeys.  That is a joy, and getting great reports every day.

My next “service” is to get onto paper a proper weekly routine – what will I concentrate most on, on each day of the week?  My prior pattern lacked enough structure since I am my own boss, but now I am so looking forward…

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Week 13 – Suspended

My usual account has been suspended. Is it because  a blog rover has checked and I am behind in my blog. I have no excuse. I am shuffling responsibilities and juggling plates and one crashed, this one.

I am more conscious of positive thoughts after reading the article on water molecules and what positive thoughts impact my water logged body.  Thinking of being suspended has a negative connotation to it, but I choose to think of it as a redirection of my dmp. I am more certain that I will achieve all I set out to do.

I am shuffling index cards and looking at all I have accomplished. Good stuff and small things like taking out the garbage, big things like looking after my 90 year old mom who lives with me, I marvel at how the universe connects it all to my dmp.

I am a red/blue and learning compassion is the key to my big success. Woo hoo

MKE – Week 5; Trust in the Process

You make me smile, I will be doing the same with my pie hole.

Reflections By Scott

So my journey continues. I feel so great about changing my PPN’s. This process is foolproof….I see that now!

The pathway is crystalizing and the PPN’s ARE indeed oxygen for my soul. I have completed my press release, and that was a VERY enjoyable exercise. I’m sure I may change some of the details, but it reads as I visualize it…. My link to my press release is at

Here’s what I KNOW…..The universe is rigged. One must give in order to receive. But it’s NOT that simple. One must give and continue giving, with absolutely no thoughts of reciprocity. You see, giving creates a vacuum. And that vacuum keeps building. Since nature abhors a vacuum, it must be filled eventually. This I know.

I also know that MY THOUGHTS DETERMINE MY DESTINY. And controlling those thoughts is crucial to navigating my path. This week’s exercise about no opinion is…

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